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During a fine morning spent time sipping tea, we came up with the idea of publishing a magazine. A magazine where we could portray amazing people and their work, but with written words. It is the goal of CUP OF TEA to showcase your work in a way that even you could begun reading! Experience this very first issue of CUP OF TEA magazine on your tablet or iPad. Enjoy some intriguing interviews and fascinating contents. Just fill up the contact form and we will send you your complimentary e-copy absolutely FREE!

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Editorial Shoots

What do you have to share? We are constently looking for fun and engaging oppurtunities to shoot and edit. We can shoot your video interviews, introduction videos, crowdfunding videos as well as photographs for editorial coverage.


You can contact us about designing a book cover and designing interior of your book as well as assisting with the distribution of your books in bookstores if you have the finished manuscript; fully edited and proofread.


Getting your thoughts out there can be accomplished in an array of ways. You can reach the world by producing short films, ad films, as well as through email and printed materials. We're ready to team up and transmit your vision!

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